What is the best way to celebrate a special time, something exciting to do with a group, or a way to help strengthen a team? Rock climbing, ice climbing, and climbing mountains is a great activity for many of these things. Climbing has many metaphors that we can apply to our daily lives. The feelings of accomplishment in reaching the top, the difficulty in figuring out complex problems and working through difficulties can all be applied to different types of groups. But it's also just a lot of fun. We generally serve a few different types of groups.

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Youth Organizations

With the many groups organized to expose young people to the outdoors we're here to help. Climbing requires expert technical skills and qualified instruction to ensure the safest experience possible, certainly where younger climbers are concerned. We are happy to organize climbing groups for youth organizations that have specific needs or requirements in order to organize climbing groups. With locations all over Colorado we're happy to meet you at a location that works best for you and set up a climbing event to meet the goals of your youth group.

Corporate Retreat or Teambuilding

It's important to recognize the hardwork of our teammates and sometimes a meeting just won't make the point. This is where climbing can make a point more literally. To climb a mountain or a rock climb is to achieve something difficult. It requires planning, logistics, and strategy. The team on a rope has to communicate in an effective way. They have to be able to anticipate problems and manage them before they grow. These metaphors and lessons take place in situations with real risk making sometimes subtle points much more obvious all while enjoying the health benefits of natural settings in beautiful places. We can customize a retreat or teambuilding event that addresses the goals and needs of your team to positively impact their performance.

Special Events

There are lots of special events where we invite groups of our friends and family and climbing is a way to entertain people while also celebrating those events. It may be something as simple as a birthday or upcoming nuptials where we have several people we want to enjoy the outdoors with. Climbing is a great activity that can be customized for a variety of skill levels and ages. We are happy to customize a climbing group to meet the needs of your friends or family.

Climbing Groups and Events