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Multipitch and Backcountry Ice Climbing

What You'll Learn

If you are an experienced ice climber who is confident in your technique and ability to lead here is what you can expect to learn during this ice climbing course:

  • Anchor building and station management.
  • Avalanche assessment as it relates to backcountry ice climbs and descents.
  • Efficient transitions for ascents and descents.
  • How to descend large climbs
  • Skills for deciding the best line when many options exist.
  • Approach techniques and risk management for remote climbs.

After taking this climbing course participants should feel more confident in planning more committing backcountry and multipitch ice climbs.

Ice Climbing Instruction Rates and Availability

1 Instructor Half Day (4 hours) Regular Day (6 hours) Full Day (8 hours)
1 Students $329 $389 $449
2 Students $269 $329 $389
3 Students $219 $269 $329
4 Students $169 $219 $269
2 instructors to keep low ratios for the best experience!
5-8 Students $139 $169 $219

Rate Information:

Rates are per person, e.g. 3 people for a Regular Day would be $269/person for a total of $807. Trip start times are custom but generally we recommend 9AM starts for most ice climbing December through March to make the best use of time and ice conditions.

Discount Information: We appreciate our guests but discounts are limited to the following and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Early Bird Discounts and Last Chance Pricing: Book early and save! Schedule any rock climbing trip a month or more in advance for a 10% discount. Any trip booked with less than 48 hours notice incur a $100 convenience fee.

Bundle Pricing: The ultimate way to get started climbing! Purchase 3 or more days of climbing guiding or instruction at once for a 10% discount. Schedule at your convenience.

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Follow Up Classes

Backcountry ice leading is a good stepping stone into more significant alpine terrain where large blocks of ice climbing are likely to be encountered.

Required Skills

Climbers should have experience leading ice climbs for a few seasons. Climbs often take place in remote and dangerous terrain and climbers should be confident leading for the best experience.

Best Places to Learn Multipitch and Backcountry Ice Climbing

There are several locations that work well for this course due to quality backcountry ice climbs. Specific locations will likely be decided based on ice and avalanche conditions at the time of booking. 

These are the climbs that make people's dreams. Thin streams of ice ribbon up the sides of mountains with the promise of challenge and excitement. But these climbs are not like multipitch rock. Because of their location they often have avalanche conditions to be considered and big climbs require efficiency. Big ice climbs also require different management of the team to stay safe.

For experienced climbers we would recommend this as a Full Day to get an in depth experience on a multipitch ice climb and discuss a variety of techniques and skills to make for a better climbing experience.