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Real Fun Climbing

Climbing with us, whether it's rock, ice, or alpine, is an experience you will never forget. Our guests safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Our guides will take you mentally and physically beyond where you thought you could go. You can feel a sense of wonder and excitement. Because our climbing trips are privately based it'll just be you and your guide, skilled coaches and instructors who can recognize your skill level and elevate it beyond that in the safest ways we know. We've consistently added opportunities for our guests so they can continue to grow and explore everything climbing has to offer.

Elevated Experiences

Everybody loves a bargain but when we look back on our lives it's the experiences that we remember. From a child's first rock climb to a a seasoned skiers first powder turns we want the most for our guests. We want climbing with us to be one of the most memorable and fun experiences of your life. You may never climb again but when you're with our guides you can be comfortable knowing that you will be with people dedicated to giving you the best experience they can in some of the most amazing places we call home. The comments and reviews our customers write leave no doubt we are giving them that greater life experience.

There is something primal about the feeling of climbing in the mountains. The sun slowly rises as the mountains radiate like fire. The physical effort gives us focus and purpose that drowns out the roar of routine. Muscles burn, palms sweat, and we settle into a rhythm our lungs can accept. Whether it's the top of a rock climb, the bottom of a powder run, or the summit of a mountain the exhilaration of those experiences becomes etched into the deepest folds of our mind. Whether beginners or experts every one of these experiences elevates us as human beings and gives us a unique perspective that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Whether you're in the Front Range climbing or skiing in the mountains of the San Juans and anywhere in between we're happy to help you pursue climbing experiences on a deeper level. Your life isn't a carnival ride and we're here to make sure your  experience stays with you long after it's over.

Recommended Climbing Classes

Why The Colorado Climbing Company?

With over a decade of leading people in the mountains our certified guides are here to provide you with guidance in pursuing everything climbing has to offer. We offer guided rock, ice, and mountain climbing instruction for beginners and more experienced climbers in venues all over Colorado. We can arrange group climbing tours to some of the most classic climbs in the most classic spots in Colorado. In short we're the real deal.

Real Guides

Our guides are a fundamental aspect of our company. Without their dedication to this profession we could not exist. Not only do they have decades of climbing experience but they've taken the time and effort to be scrutinized and accept feedback in order to participate in AMGA training and gain certifications. Our guides continuously train to provide our guests with the safest experience they can. It's not just writing on a website, we've got the resumes and pictures to prove it! Our guides have made the difficult choice to pursue guiding as a career and are constantly trying to improve and gain more skills to provide their guests the best experience.

Learning to climb is not like other activities. While climbing can never be made entirely safe; by learning from a certified guide you can improve your ability to recognize and avoid making mistakes so you can enjoy climbing for years to come. We offer a variety of climbing classes to make sure you feel confident when you step out on your own that you know industry best practices and can spend less time at the bottom of the learning curve.

Real Training

Surprisingly, in most states, it requires more licensing and certification to be a hairdresser than to be a guide holding someone's life in their hands at the end of a rope. Not to worry, because all of our guides are required to obtain American Mountain Guides Association certifications and training. While many will pad their roster with inexperienced and uncertified guides we turn away many applicants due to lack of experience and no certifications. In addition to requiring outside training, we also require internal training to make sure our guides can continue in this career at the highest standards.