Our Team

Jeremiah Meizis-Lead Guide/Owner

Born in the flatlands of the Midwest, Jeremiah did not begin climbing seriously until he joined the climbing club at Iowa State University in 2005. From there he moved east where he promptly decided to drop out of law school and pursue guiding as a career because he couldn't concentrate on anything else. After managing the rock and ice guiding for an outdoor education center and working as support staff for a wilderness therapy program he started working as a guide in Colorado in 2007. After working in the Colorado area as a guide for other companies for several years he decided to start his own in 2010.

As one of the few AMGA certified Rock Guides to call Colorado Springs home Jeremiah believes in the importance of providing an exceptional experiences for his guests by requiring the highest levels of training for himself and his other guides. This way he can provide the safest and most rewarding experiences. He aims to impart the knowledge and skills he has learned thru years of experience and training so guests can reach the goals and summits they thought were beyond their reach.

Certifications and Courses: 2013 AMGA Rock Guide Certification, 2013 AMGA Ice Instructor Course, 2013 AIARE Level II Training Course, 2020 Wilderness First Responder and CPR Re-certification, 2012 AMGA Alpine Guide Course, 2008 AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course, 2008 AIARE Level I Training Course, 2008 Leave No Trace Trainer.

Mike Burdon-Guide

Mike is a gifted rock climber and instructor with a contagious passion for exploration and adventure. He learned to rock climb as a teenager, right here in the Front Range of Colorado. Since then he has persistently developed his skills for over 14 years on everything from boulders to big-walls, climbing all around the world. Mike has climbed in Australia, Canada, Spain and Cuba and done first ascents in Peru, Mexico, Morocco and many around Colorado. Over the years, Mike has enjoyed and excelled in a wide variety of climbing disciplines. His background in competition climbing and hard bouldering has developed his movement on rock to an elite level, while his 50+ 14er ascents and years of experience on the bigger walls has given him highly developed technical skills and a keen mountain sense.

Certifications and Courses: 2020 AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Re-Certification, 2021 AMGA Rock Guide Course, 2021 Wilderness First Responder and CPR Re-Certification

Spencer Purvis-Guide

While originally a southern boy from Mississippi he now makes his home with a growing family in Ouray on the western side of Colorado. His earliest real climbing experiences were in the hills of Tennessee but he really cut his teeth on the steep granite walls of North Carolina. Even after being on the sharp end for twenty years he still loves climbing now as much as when he first started. While he started on smaller cliffs he's most drawn to the bigger mountains whether in mountain boots or climbing shoes any day in the mountains is a good day. The mountains are teaching every day and he enjoys sharing that knowledge honed over decades of experience with all the new people he gets to meet. 

Certifications and Courses: 2019 AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Re-Certification, 2020 AMGA Rock Guide Course, 2020 AMGA Ice Instructor Course, AIARE Pro 1 Avalanche Certification, 2021 Wilderness First Responder and CPR Re-Certification

Lee Hunsaker- Assistant Guide

Outdoor adventures are his lifelong passion. Nature is where he feels most free to challenge himself and where he finds a deep sense of peace and connection with the world. He enjoys supporting his clients in safely pushing their limits and learning about themselves through mountain adventures. His commitment to the outdoors and his client’s experiences helps him foster a community of friends everywhere he travels. Through guided climbing experiences, he strives to share the benefits of being in the beauty of nature with his clients while supporting them in overcoming their fears, pushing past blocks and developing a deeper sense of community that is built through powerful shared experiences and values.

Certifications and Courses: 2019 AMGA Rock Guide Course, 2020 Wilderness First Responder and CPR Re-Certification

Luc Aurand-Guide

Luc is a passionate guide local to Colorado who, in his spare time, coaches rock climbing at a local climbing gym. His early years were spent in Pine, Colorado, where he developed a love for all things outdoors. After moving to Denver and attending school for outdoor education, he decided to pursue training with the AMGA in order to become a guide. As a climber, Luc enjoys everything from high altitude walls to front range boulders and has experience on everything in between. He hopes to share this passion with others by facilitating exciting experiences in beautiful places.

Certifications and Courses: 2022 AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, AIARE Pro 1 Avalanche Certification, AIARE Pro 2 Avalanche Certificate, 2022 Wilderness First Responder and CPR Re-Certification