If you are looking to learn new rock climbing skills The Colorado Climbing Company is here to help. With world class climbing venues and abundant sunshine our rock climbing classes are offered year round. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to take the sharp end and learn to lead click on some of the pages below for curriculums we frequently put together for those wanting to learn new climbing skills.

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We want to meet our guests at their current level and make sure they learn as much as possible in whatever time they have available. Frequently people have some level of skill and feel locked in to a certain class because they don't see anything that fits them perfectly. We're here to give our guests the perfect rock climbing class that starts at their current skill level and doesn't waste time re-teaching skills you already know. We can teach you as much as you want to know about rock climbing and with low ratios you're sure to leave with more skills. We can make suggestions on class length based on your goals and skill level to ensure higher levels of proficiency.

When learning to climb it helps to work with an actual expert. Colorado has a lot of rock climbing guides and while we all think we can teach it all in reality every guide has some specialization to their skills. So we try and match the best instructor for specific skills. Not only do we require guides to be certified by the American Mountain Guides Association but guides are also encouraged to seek out additional training opportunities and improve their skills. This ensures they are well rounded climbing instructors who can adapt to the needs of a variety of guests wanting to learn new rock climbing skills.

Learning certain skills requires certain terrain so when choosing a guide it helps to work with ones who can use climbing venues that will best meet the needs of our guests so they can learn climbing skills in the places that make the most sense. Sure, every climbing area has a little bit of everything, but certain climbing areas just work better to gain certain climbing skills. Learn to sport lead in places like Shelf Road or start multipitch climbing in Eldorado Canyon. We'll discuss your goals, talk about the options, and select the climbing venue that is most likely to ensure you come away ready to take the next step.

Gain the confidence to learn climbing from world class guides in world class locations from the Front Range to the Western Slope. We offer rock climbing classes with expert educators who will work with your personal learning style to make sure you can elevate your climbing skills to new levels with individualized curriculums for everybody from complete beginner climbers to seasoned climbers looking to advance there skills for new adventures.

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