Our Story

The Colorado Climbing Company was founded on the idea that climbing is a transformative experience and from that belief comes the desire to share those experiences with people and, in at least some small way, transform their lives. We are dedicated to using our enthusiasm and our wealth of knowledge, experience, and training to provide safe outdoor experiences through climbing trips and instruction so we can help our guests experience everything climbing has to offer.

Located in Colorado Springs at the southern end of the Front Range of Colorado we are a small, family owned team of expert guides who've dedicated years of their lives to knowing all we can about the climbing in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. We place a strong emphasis on the safety of our clients and the quality of their experience. This requires we find exceptionally qualified and enthusiastic people to join our team. There are a lot of guide services and different activities in Colorado so here are just a few of the things we think set us apart from any other guide service or adventure activity.

Private Customized Experiences
Extensive Locations and Experiences
Personable, Professional Guides

Every person on the planet is unique. When we submit to a generic experience it belittles our special qualities and turns us into just another rider on the roller coaster of life. There are plenty of man made activities like gyms and adventure parks. While there are certainly similarities amongst our trips and courses we want to meet our guests on their level. So instead of a group trip with various abilities we do private trips where you climb with only the people you want to at the ability level you are comfortable with. If the goal is to learn climbing skills we want to go beyond some standardized curriculum and customize that experience so we can take into consideration your climbing experience and elevate you to those goals and climbing aspirations.

In order to make sure our guests can have the best experiences we have to not only meet them at their level of ability but also at a location that meets those need without making the traveling the biggest part of the day. Over the years we have expanded our offerings so that we can teach our guests anything they want to know when it comes to climbing. We've also continuously obtained new permits so we can offer guided climbing trips and instruction in locations throughout Colorado. This also means that when you have a great experience with one of our guides you are not just limited to a single location but can work with that same guide in climbing locations all over Colorado. It also means if you enjoyed a climbing trip with us but haven't been back to Colorado in a little while there will be all new locations to check out.

Being a guide is not like other jobs. It requires many personality traits as well as technical skills and physical ability. Having somebody who is patient, humble, and can tell a good joke isn't something easily taught. There are many guides in Colorado and while we will all claim we are the best what is really important is if we are the best for YOU! While a casual climbing trip may not require the guide be the most extensively trained you want to know you are with a qualified professional who will make sure you are safe. Keep in mind there are NO requirements for training or certification to call one's self a guide. We're proud to have some of the best in the business who've dedicated large parts of their life to being great climbers, guides, and all around awesome human beings.

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While we wish you could learn everything about The Colorado Climbing Company from a website everyone is unique. Feel free to learn more about our guides and our supporters. But enough about us. The client experience is what we're about so now is the time to think of how you can have the best experience. Tell us why you want to climb and when you think of climbing what you think about. Some people think about a big steep rock face while others imagine a full pack slowly ascending a line of snow to a high summit. We want to know your vision so we can help you towards it whether it is your first climb or you've been doing it for years.

Early fall coating of ice on Crestone Needle from an ascent of Humboldt Peak.

Beautiful sunrise in the North Cascades

A casual climb of the First Flatiron on a bright summer day.