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Expedition Preparation and Climbing Skills

What You'll Learn

For those wanting to ascend peaks that need weeks of acclimatization or significant travel in the backcountry you'll learn:

  • Equipment management, what you need and what you don't as well as how to keep track of it all.
  • Backcountry skills such as campsite selection and construction, waste management, packing sleds and packs primarily focused on winter conditions.
  • Basic snow travel skills such as self arrest.
  • Crevasse rescue and travel  ascending and descending fixed lines.
  • Basics of acclimatization and other backcountry physiology.
  • Introduction to avalanche rescue skills and equipment.

After taking this climbing course participants should feel ready to start heading into bigger climbs with significant backcountry and travel logistics.

Alpine Climbing Instruction Rates and Availability

1 Instructor Half Day (4 hours) Regular Day (6 hours) Full Day (8 hours)
1 Students $329 $389 $449
2 Students $269 $329 $389
3 Students $219 $269 $329
4 Students $169 $219 $269
2 instructors to keep low ratios for the best experience!
5-8 Students $139 $169 $219

Rate Information:

Rates are per person, e.g. 3 people for a Regular Day would be $269/person for a total of $807. Trip start times are custom but generally we recommend 9AM starts for most alpine climbing instruction December through March to make the best use of time and ice conditions.

Discount Information: We appreciate our guests but discounts are limited to the following and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Early Bird Discounts and Last Chance Pricing: Book early and save! Schedule any rock climbing trip a month or more in advance for a 10% discount. Any trip booked with less than 48 hours notice incur a $100 convenience fee.

Bundle Pricing: The ultimate way to get started climbing! Purchase 3 or more days of climbing guiding or instruction at once for a 10% discount. Schedule at your convenience.

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Follow Up Climbing Classes

The logistics of getting up a high altitude mountain are many but there are often a variety of climbing skills that you need to have as well.

Required Skills

No previous experience is necessary. If you have previous climbing experience this can accelerate the learning process. Some hiking or skiing fitness is beneficial but all our courses are designed to help you from your current fitness level.

Best Places to Learn Alpine Expedition Climbing Skills

There are several locations that work well for this course due to reliable, high quality ice with minimal approaches. The venues we recommend are:

When it comes to the greater ranges like Alaska and the Himalaya there is more than climbing skills needed. The logistics of moving equipment in technical terrain, managing sleds or working with porters to manage loads are only part of this. Living outdoors for weeks on end, managing supplies, understanding acclimitization, and staying fit while avoiding exhaustion are part of expedition style climbs. 

During this 3 day course participants will learn a variety of skills to suit them on their early ascents of peaks commonly climbed in expedition style such as Denali, Aconcagua, or Himalayan peaks.