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"Sarah and I had an awesome time. We were both impressed by and appreciated the fact that you actually taught us some of the finer points of climbing, rather than just setting a rope and saying "there you go." -Mike, Wisconsin
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North Cascades Guided Climbs
This list is not a comprehensive list of all the climbing in North Cascades National Park but some of the best suggestions.​​

Beginner Climbs-Climbs most physically fit people with little or no experience or capable of completing with our guidance. This is for climbers who want to learn all the basics.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Sulphide Glacier of Mount Shuksan-A great introduction to glacier mountaineering, this three or four day climb starts in the forest and climbs up to the glacier. The glacier is a perfect training ground for crevasse rescue and snow skills before heading up to the summit pyramid which features some 4th class climbing. This is a minimum three day climb.
  • East Ridge of Eldorado Peak​-This "Queen of the Cascade River" as Fred Beckey would say is a beautiful pyramid of rock and snow with an amazing snow ridge at the finish. A steep hike near Eldorado Creek leads to a boulderfield and a camp below the Eldorado Glacier. After crossing this to the Inspiration Glacier climbers head up to the East Ridge and final knife ridge of snow. This is a minimum two day climb.
  • Quien Sabe Glacier of Sahale Peak-One of the shortest introductions to glacier climbs. Climbers start in Boston Basin where they'll hike to a camp below the glacier. Once climbers reach the glacier they ascend before continuing on the west ridge on to the summit. This is a minimum two day climb..
Intermediate Climbs-Climbs that require basic skills one might learn on a beginner climb. Physical fitness as well as technical skills such as the ability to self arrest, belay, and tie ones self in are essential.
  • South Ridge of Mount Torment-First climber hike to a camp on the glacier in Boston Basin. Then climbers head across the glacier to a notch and a gully that leads to the ridge. Following fins and corners to the summit before descending the southeast face back to the glacier. This is a minimum two day climb
  • Fischer Chimney of Mount Shuksan-This climb starts with a forested hike that eventually leads across a talus field to the base of the Fischer Chimney's. After the Chimney's there is a place to camp near the ridge between the Curtis and White Salmon Glaciers. The next day climbs to the summit thru Winnie's Slide and Hell's Highway onto the Sulphide Glacier before tackling the summit pyramide. This is a minimum three day climb.
  • West Ridge of Forbidden Peak-One of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America for good reason. After making camp in Boston Basin climbers make there way up a short glacier to a series of gullies. After finding there way thru the gullies they are on the classic West Ridge, an exposed arête of rock for nearly a thousand feet. This is a minimum three day climb.
Advanced Climbs-These climbs require a good deal of past experience and ability. Climbers should have a good understanding of multipitch climbing on rock and ice, glacier travel, and basic camping skills. 
  • West Arête of Eldorado Peak-This picturesque arête soars thousands of feet from the glacier and is a very big climb. After a hike up Eldorado Creek climbers camp on a ridge near Eldorado Glacier. The next day they make the trek to the base of the ridge where the climb begins. From the summit they descend the East Ridge back to camp and descend Eldorado Creek the next day. A long tour de Eldorado. This is a minimum three day climb.
  • North Face of Mount Shuksan-This climb, best done when the snow covers most of the undergrowth, traverses below the Shuksan Arm to a camp above the White Salmon Glacier. The next day climber meander up between glacier patches and rock climbing sections before traversing around to the summit pyramid. After the summit climbers descend back a camp near the top of the White Salmon Glacier and hike out the next day. A long tour de Shuksan. This is a minimum three day climb.
  • Torment-Forbidden Traverse-A crowning achievement for many climbers this traverse features moderate climbing, lots of it! Climbers hike into a camp in Boston Basin for the night. After ascending Torment via a variety of options climbers travers for nearly a mile to the summit of Forbidden and descend back to camp. This is a minimum three day climb.
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*Please note, all rates are per person, per day, e.g. 1 person for a 3 day climb would be $1035 for the entire trip. This includes the cost of any climbing or camping equipment that may need to be borrowed. ​
North Cascades Guided Climbing
Guided Climbing North Cascades
N. Ridge of Forbidden
Guided Climbing Eldorado Peak
Guided Climbing Sahale Peak
Sahale and Quien Sabe Glacier
Guided Climbing Torment Forbidden Traverse
Guided Climbing West Ridge of Forbidden
Guided Climbing Volcanoes
Because so many climbers are attracted to the mountaineering challenges the North Cascades of Washington are a great place for anyone to learn basic and advanced mountaineering skills from skilled and experienced guides. While we may be a Colorado guide service we want to give our guests the opportunity to experience some of the other classic climbing areas as well. The climbs in the Cascades range from scenic glaciers where one can be guided thru a maze of crevasses or beautiful ridge traverses that cover miles of technical terrain.

Because these climbs are in remote regions of the state of Washington, require significant approaches and elevation gain, ​​all these climbs require at minimum two days and advanced notice for booking. These things also make them a tremendous training ground for climbers interested in bigger peaks. ​For most people it is easiest for us to arrange transportation with you from the Seattle airport.
Come test your skills with a guided climb of the glaciated peaks of the Cascades.
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