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Located on the Western Slope, near Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument is a wonderful desert location full of large desert spires and domes. We guide a number of different climbs in this park Amongst these is the iconic Independence Tower, a historical desert tower. At nearly 500 feet tall it was originally ascended by John Otto in 1911 where he planted the American Flag at the top on Independence Day. Although his methods for ascending this route are controversial by today's standards this remains an excellent guided rock climb with several pitches of interesting climbing that leads to a large flat summit block where one can see the town of Grand Junction as well as the rest of the eroded red rock sandstone formations. Although there are several routes on the formation we generally climb the original ascent route of John Otto, using the holes from the drilled pipes that he used to make his ascent. 

​​Although a guided climb of Independence Tower is exciting there are also a number of smaller towers and walls for those with less experience or a larger group of climbers. Because of it's desert location and lower elevation Colorado National Monument is very hot in the summer but can be a great place to rock climb in the slower months.

Y​ou can book a custom guided climbing trip using our rates below:​
"Sarah and I had an awesome time. We were both impressed by and appreciated the fact that you actually taught us some of the finer points of climbing, rather than just setting a rope and saying "there you go." -Mike, Wisconsin
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