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    ​Hiring a guide is not a simple process. There are many people offering their services as guides and the quality varies because there is not a standard to measure against in the United States. Believe it or not you need a license to cut hair but not to hold the rope thousands of feet off the ground. The question is what kind of experience do you want. There are bigger, older, cheaper guide services to be sure. Is that the type of experience you are looking for though?

    Where things are bigger they are generally less personal. How can you remember one out of thousands of clients names? How can you teach someone if you do not remember what they learned last time? Nobody wants to be a face in the crowd and that is why we build personal relationships with our clients. Their goals and desires are important to us. Many of our guests come and see us again and again.

    Older is not necessarily better either. Nobody wants to climb on old ropes and nobody wants to learn old information. You want to know that the guide service you go with makes an effort to stay up to date on new information and equipment. Many guides have resumes that show ascents far in the past. While it is important to have a history of experience what good is a guide who has not climbed any thing that week or that year? We make an effort to pass on the most up to date information because you deserve it.

    Climbers and most people in general are often fascinated by the newest, shiniest gear. We are so willing to spend thousands on equipment and technology that will soon become obsolete, replaced, or lost. Knowledge and memories are forever and are worth every cent. While one can find cheap guides or coupons and sales for guided services keep in mind caveat emptor (buyer beware). You get what you pay for and when you find yourself stuck with another group of people you did not sign up with or you see a storm bearing down you may wish you had spent the extra money on guides who treat their job as true profession and not just a hobby.

    ​​There are many traits that make our service and our guides better than the rest. These are just a few:
​​Real Climbing
Because climbing with us is an experience you will never forget. It takes you mentally and physically where you never thought you could go. Reaches down deep inside you and grabs onto something great and pulls it to the surface. You came to feel the wind at your heels and feel a sense of wonder and excitement. Not to be part of some Grouponic plague or Disneyland dalliance, not to just be another carnival rider. We are interested in what you want to experience and achieve. Whereas some guide services have an agenda based on what is easiest for them we approach your day with the idea that we want to start you off with success and move up from there. Our guides are skilled coaches and instructors and because they are local experts they can take you places most guides cannot.

Real Guides
When you hire a guide you want someone who has experience, someone who has "been there, done that" so they can show you the way safely. We live and breath climbing. We are not a bunch of kids fresh out of the climbing gym or just climbing for a summer job. When we are not out climbing with our guests we are out in the baking sun, driving rain, or postholing up the side of a mountain because we love it. We enjoy the outdoors and nature and take pride in knowing these places like the back of our hand so we can share them with you. Many "guides" will point to how long they have been climbing and how good of a climber they are. You want a professional guide, not a professional climber. A professional climber will show you their skills and their goals. A professional guide is there to show you the way to your goals with patience and efficiency. They have exposed themselves to criticism to improve at a profession they love. Someone who flaunts their climbing skills alone is not interested in how you progress in your climbing.

Real Training
Our guides are required to have internationally recognized trainings or certifications from the AMGA. While this country may not have standards that guiding is held to we do! Some guide services will talk of their internal training. Every guide service should have some sort of internal training but good guides and guide services are willing to expose themselves to criticism from others in their profession not just those they work for. Our guides have put in years of work into taking courses and classes and years before that gaining the experience to be allowed into those classes where they are held accountable to a larger body of knowledge. Being a good guide is not just about being good at climbing. It takes a special sort of person who is willing to put in the effort and time to be a professional by learning new skills and improving every time they climb or guide someone. Certification alone does not a good guide make but it does insure that they have the minimum knowledge that is accepted by the profession as a whole and that they know their figure eight knot from their elbow. Internal training is not open to outside scrutiny and therefore is useless in telling you if the person you are being lead by is doing things the best way. Certifications are also for you as a guest. Unless you are a professional climber how are you to know that a guide is doing something wrong? A certified guide will have seen the scrutiny of many well trained eyes before they are recognized as a guide by others in their profession.

Real Value
There are plenty of opportunities to go climbing on the cheap. Getting a bargain is great, except when it is not. If you pay a lot you should get a lot but often when you pay little you receive little. Often we have guests who tried the competition, because of a great deal on a climbing trip, and were disappointed when they only got to do a few climbs because there were so many other people who signed up for the deal or they did not learn as much as they had hoped because it was not included in the deal. A great experience with a great guide is priceless and when you book a trip with The Colorado Climbing Company    TM we want you to walk away feeling like you had an experience, like you learned something, like you got a bargain. There are plenty of cheap guide services ready to provide a cheap experience but with our guides you get memories, experience, and knowledge that stays with you. Knowing that the person on the other end of the rope is safe, that they are committed to your goals, and that they are dedicated to their profession is ultimately priceless but we did our best to set prices that are within the reach of many of our customers while supporting our guides and their families.

The Colorado Climbing CompanyTM is a small, locally owned, guide service offering guided rock, ice, and mountain climbing trips and climbing instruction all over Colorado. Our guides have been in the guiding profession for many​​​​ years and are dedicated to using that passion and knowledge to show you everything climbing has to offer.
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"Sarah and I had an awesome time. We were both impressed by and appreciated the fact that you actually taught us some of the finer points of climbing, rather than just setting a rope and saying "there you go." -Mike, Wisconsin
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